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Monogram Series FR-S is official!


January 09, 2014 TORRANCE, Calif., (Jan. 9, 2014) – Exceptional features will now come at even more exceptional prices. The 2014 Scion FR-S and tC gain premium features with the competitively priced, limited edition Monogram Series™ models on display for the first time at the North American International Auto


Yellow BRZ

We all had our calendars marked to this date that subaru would bring this car out to Wicked big meet 2016 Cherry Hill, N.J. –  Subaru of America, Inc. today announced the 2017 BRZ Series.Yellow, the most exciting BRZ to date with its striking color and

It’s a Miracle— Subaru Is Building a BRZ STI

  It’s a Miracle— Subaru Is Building a BRZ STI By Jeff PerezApril 20, 2015 12:45 PM Rejoice, friends and enthusiasts everywhere. Subaru, in a plan to expand its STI range stateside, is finally building the BRZ STI sports car that everyone and their mother has been begging

Struggling Sales Could Kill the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ

Remember when Toyota announced the GT 86 platform and enthusiasts everywhere went nuts? After all, the GT 86 — Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ here in the States — was the rear-wheel drive, manual answer to everyone’s wishes. Well, it looks likes wishes don’t necessarily equate to

Product Supersession for ACT’s 600185 Flywheel


ACT is pleased to announce that a design improvement was made with the newly revised 600705 flywheel for the BRZ/FR-S/GT86 applications. This change also allows ACT to consolidate forgings for both the 600705 and 600185, so applications that had used the 600185 are now covered


Yellow BRZ
We all had our calendars marked to this date that subaru would bring this car out to Wicked big meet 2016
Cherry Hill, N.J. –  Subaru of America, Inc. today announced the 2017 BRZ Series.Yellow, the most exciting BRZ to date with its striking color and performance upgrades. The special edition, limited to only 500 cars, will debut today at Wicked Big Meet in Stafford Springs, CT.
  • Limited production of 500 units –Available 2017
  • Exclusive yellow exterior color
  • Unique yellow interior accents
  • Brembo performance brake system
  • SACHS performance shocks
New Yellow BRZ Series
The Series.Yellow is immediately recognizable by its brilliant yellow exterior, unique black alloy wheels, black BRZ and SUBARU badging, and black foldable exterior mirrors.  Based on the 2017 Limited model equipped with the new Performance Package, the Series.Yellow enhances a driver’s experience with superior stopping power and control. The brake system has been upgraded to Brembo® four-piston calipers and rotors on the front and dual-piston calipers and rotors on the rear.  This advanced system gives the yellow sports coupe a significant boost in stopping power, fade resistance, and pedal feel.  SACHS® Performance shock absorbers have been added to all four wheels for advanced handling and steering stability.  Also the special edition comes equipped with 17-in x 7.5-in black aluminum alloy wheels.The Series.Yellow offers black leather and Alcantara upholstery with contrasting yellow stitching throughout the interior including seats, door and dash panels, steering wheel, knee pads and shifter boot.  The front seatbacks are also embroidered with a yellow BRZ logo.  The final touch for this model is the carpeted floor mats with yellow stitching and a silver embroidered BRZ logo.
The BRZ, known for its ultra-low center of gravity and precision handling, offers several updates for 2017 to increase performance on the track and open roads.  For improved responsiveness, BRZ receives updated coil springs and a larger rear stabilizer bar and the Series.Yellow gains the additional upgrade of SACHS Performance shock absorbers.  Reinforcements to the chassis were added to the strut tower braces, transmission cross-member plate and the rear wheel housings to increase rigidity.  The stability control system has been updated to allow the driver to experience more of BRZ’s handling prowess. The results are dramatic enough for Subaru to change the name of “Sport” mode to “Track”.
Yellow BRZThe BRZ Series.Yellow comes standard with the 2.0-liter SUBARU BOXER engine and 6-speed manual transmission.  Enhanced for 2017, BRZ’s horizontally-opposed engine receives several internal updates for friction reduction as well as a new aluminum intake manifold and redesigned exhaust manifold.  These combined improvements boost the engine output to 205-hp and 156 lb-ft of torque.  Also, a lower final drive ratio from 4.1 to 4.3:1, paired with the standard Torsen® limited-slip differential, improves acceleration
headlight BRZ
Exterior Updates
For 2017, the BRZ front bumper cover has been redesigned for a widened appearance and positioned lower for improved aerodynamics, control, and stability.  The sport coupe’s headlights are upgraded to “kono-ji” style LED with Daytime Running Lights (DRL).  The turn signal and position light have been integrated into the new headlight for a clean design that completes the refined front fascia.  New LED fog lights allow greater nighttime visibility and are standard on the Series.Yellow.  The updated fender garnish matches the body color but with a black insert that accentuates it in profile.All 2017 BRZ models receive a pedestal-style aluminum rear spoiler in matching body color and black finish.  The new design improves the vehicle’s downforce, which in turn improves stability and control.  As with the headlights, the rear combination lights have been updated to full-LED for better visibility and energy efficiency.
Interior Updates
Standard for the special edition is a 4.2-in LCD multifunction display positioned to the right of the prominent tachometer.  This driver information readout provides access to vehicle performance including lateral Gs, accelerator pedal position, braking force, steering angle, oil and water temperature, and battery voltage as well as an integrated stop watch for recording lap times.
2017 brz steering wheel
The redesigned leather-wrapped steering wheel has a firmer, sportier feel along with new audio controls and multifunction display switches for greater control and convenience while driving.All 2017 BRZ models come standard with the SUBARU STARLINK 6.2” Multimedia System that includes a comprehensive list of features:
 yellow BRZ interior
  • 6.2-in. high resolution multi-function touch screen display
  • AM/FM stereo and HD Radio®
  • Single-disc in-dash CD player with 8 speakers
  • Subaru STARLINK smartphone integration with Pandora® and Aha®
  • Subaru STARLINK apps including iHeart® Radio and Stitcher
  • Bluetooth® hands-free phone connectivity and audio streaming
  • SiriusXM® Satellite Radio
  • Rear vision camera

Also standard on this model is a dual-zone automatic climate control, Keyless Access with Push-Button Start, dual illuminated visor vanity mirrors, and front door courtesy lights.

yellow BRZ with BREMBOThe BRZ Series.Yellow makes its first public appearance at one of the country’s largest Subaru enthusiast festivals, Wicked Big Meet, which is held at Stafford Motor Speedway in Stafford Springs, CT on June 12th.  The Series.Yellow will arrive at retailers in 2017.
Source of info http://www.media.subaru.com/pressrelease/964/1/subaru-announces-2017-brz-series.yellow-special-edition

Introducing the 2017 Subaru BRZ!




We have been following the change of the BRZ/FRS

for a while now. Seeing whats going to be the next

big update. Now its officially out but are the updates

enough to make you want to get this new BRZ? We

all knew turbo STI Version of the BRZ would be a long

shot but we think these minor changes really puts the

BRZ ahead of its competitors. The first thing we see are

those big beautiful red Brembo brakes. Seems a bit

much for a car with only 205hp but as we have seen

in previous years, most people get aftermarket power

adders which will make it nice to have these brakes

from the get go.

Now the Front end change are subtle but we believe

looks more aggressive. Maybe a bit too aggressive

from the rest of the car but none the less We like it a lot!

Enjoy the info below provided by Subaru’s website.

Coming in September 2016!

Performance Features

New Styling and Leading Edge Technology

StopTech Big Brake front and rear kit on 2015 FRS

Stoptech Big Brake kit for Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ

Front 355mm Rotors
Rear 345mm Rotors

StopTech Front and Rear Big Brake Kit

StopTech Front and Rear Big Brake Kit

We recently got a chance to install the Stoptech big brake kit on a Kraftwerks C30 supercharged 2015 Monogram FRS. The best part of this FRS is how fast and fun this car is. The acceleration makes a stock car feel slow as a snail. This car makes around 330hp on E85. Definitely not your ordinary “slow FRS” but with all this increased power, stopping takes a toll on the factory brakes. The factory brakes feel great but now takes longer to come to a stop and would not hold up as good on a track or emergency situation. When you make more power you definitely want to look into beefing up the rest of the car to handle it. When you upgrade your brakes you want to go with the best out there and know that you’ll be able to handle any situation you put your car through. So we decided to go with Stoptech. One of the biggest out there, with many years of experience in brakes and a company who does a lot of R&D in all their products, we believe their brake system will add the stopping power we need to make this powerful FRS a well rounded build.


Before purchasing a big brake kit you want to make sure that they fit your wheels.
The 328mm and 332mm rotor will clear most 17” wheels but for the 355mm rotor a 18” wheel minimum to the brakes. Depending on the face of your wheel it might or might not fit properly. So Stoptech includes a template you can print out before purchasing to assure that it will fit your wheel.
Go here to print out your template and instructions.

First look upon unpacking the brakes I thought man these rotors are massive. They look great, quality looks top-notch. Then I opened up the calipers and they look just as massive as the rotors. 4 piston front caliper and 2 piston rear caliper. This will definitely be enough stopping power for any power level we decide to throw to this car.

StopTech Rear shot

The installation process is very straight forward. Stoptech includes step by step instruction with the big brake kit. Very easy as long as you have basic mechanical skills. (Do not attempt to install if you don’t even know where to jack up the car or know basic safety knowledge) Just saying. Let the professionals install the kit if you don’t know what your doing.

We started by taking off all the factory parts on the car. Most of which is very easy and quick. The hardest part was the metal nut that connects the brake hard line to the rubber line. It tends to want to strip even with the flare wrench. One trick I have done in the past is use vice grips and lightly grip it around the edges of the nuts and locks it enough to get it loose. Other than that this process was easy. Stoptech includes a list of tools which will be needed for this installation which makes it easy.

Before you install the rotors they need to be washed with water and soap no other chemicals to be washed with. A light, green sponge or Scothbrite can be used to take off all rust inhibitors. StopTech coasts non-plated AeroRotors with a water-soluble, environmentally friendly rust inhibitor and MUST be cleaned off before use. Do not use Brake Cleaner to wash rotors. Skipping this step might affect braking.


Front 355mm Stoptech BBK

Front 355mm Stoptech BBK

Now for the fun part, Installation of the big brake kit is very simple especially with StopTech’s step by step instructions. They give you all the torque specs and what goes where. I’d say for an average car guy who knows what they’re doing each corner of the car take about an hour or so for removal and installation. Not to bad.

Bleeding the brakes is just like doing any other car, but now you have two bleeder screws on each caliper. Don’t Worry! Its just an extra step in the process. We bled the brakes starting on the rear passenger side, then going driver rear, then passenger front and last driver front. On each caliper you bleed the outboard bleed screw first and then the inboard bleed screw. We went around and bled each bleeder screw three times before moving to the next corner or until we didn’t see any air bubbles. We went around the car twice so once all four corners we bled we went and bled it one more time to assure there was no air bubbles in the brake lines. As far as brake fluid we recommend Motul RBF600.

Now that everything is on and installed, here is the most important step!!! The Bed-In process. This procedure if not done properly can impact the performance of your new brake system and can make the brakes feel as if the rotor was warped. Basically this step consists of a series of braking from 60mph to 5-10mph and repeating ten times consecutively. This must be done in an open and safe road where there probably is not traffic. Attempt at your own risk. You do not want to come to a complete stop immediately after heating up your brakes. When you are engaging the brakes you want to use moderate force. Not heavy enough to activate abs or lock up your wheels but enough to get a good braking force. You will get a smell coming from the brakes which is normal and see a change in color on the rotors, Which looks really cool in my opinion. The bed-in process will probably need to be repeated a second or third before the brakes really start to “come in”.

Now for my opinion on this kit! The brakes felt amazing. Felt smoother than stock, stopped noticeably sooner and looks amazing with the wheels. Definitely looks as great as it feels. Overall well worth the investment especially since it is a safety part, We believe never cheating out on safety.

Hope you enjoyed our blog post and video. Contact us for any of your FRS/BRZ needs. We will get you taken care of!!


Leo's Supercharged FRS Monogram

Leo’s Supercharged FRS Monogram