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Dezod FRS/BRZ/GT86 Catback exhaust

DEZOD FRS Exhaust Tips

Hello, I’ve been meaning to write up this blog for some time, I’ve been testing, running the Dezod cat back for awhile now and can leave an honest opinion on it. I’ve ran this exhaust in both N/A and F/I. I’ve ran it just as the only exhaust modification, all the way to a full exhaust setup with UEL header, overpipe, and front pipe, all from MXP. To be 100% honest i ran a Greddy EVO3 for over a year, close to 2 years, the MXP, and of course stock. As far as looks the Greddy is one of my favorites, BUT the drone and how loud it is just ruins it for me. Quality it was a great exhaust, but as I’m older i got tired of the drone and how loud it was.

Dezod FRS Exhaust

FRS Exhaust

Next came the MXP and i loved it, except for the blue tips. I’m not a personal fan of the burnt Ti tips. But the sound and tone and loudness was exactly what i was looking for. So i rolled with it for awhile. Then this Dezod came in, looking at it, the welds look awesome, the exhaust cans were on the smaller side so i was expecting a loud exhaust. The tips look good nice and big the piping looked really good also. Malen wanted it on his car to test out and we threw it on. Upon start up i was expecting something a lot louder, we were surprised at what we heard, it was a very nice deep tone, no rasp at all, and no drone running down the highway. After about a month Malen wanted to swap the MXP with me, so we put the cars in the air and swapped exhausts. For about 2-3 weeks I rolled with the Dezod and i enjoyed to sounds coming for it. its nice and deep, slightly louder then the MXP but way better then the Greddy.


WELDS & Quality

FRS DEZOD Clearance

The ground clearance compared to the MXP is greatly improved also, the MXP and Greddy would slightly rub going in and out of my garage, and in some of the casino parking gargaes have a bad rub. So far with the Dezod I have not had a probem, a slight rub in the worst parking garages. Its made with 304 SS so i see it holding up. It does have a true “Y” pipe instead of the ones where its clear to see which side would get the better exhaust flow and which side a restriction would be. Power increased, the car picked up easier then stock for sure, i could pull away from a stock car, but my car also had a intake. The problem with these cars and performance modifications are you really can tell a difference with a tune. With out a tune its hard to pick up a 5-10hp gain in a 2700-3000lb car. I can feel a 10hp gain on my 380lb sportbike, not so much in a 1.5 ton car. BUT you could feel the car rev faster. With a proper tune the gains you get are more noticeable of course.

Dezod Exhaust


Performance FRS Cat Back System

Then came my MXP UEL header, overpipe, and front pipe. i swapped the MXP catback also to make it a full MXP setup. once started it was LOUD, very loud…. Too loud, and to top it off, it was too raspy for me, one trip down the road and the carwas back in the air to have the MXP pulled off and see how the Dezod setup was.. It too was loud, its a straight pipe to 2 small mufflers, but the tone was way way better. No rasp at all. Inside the car it sounded very deep and mean. But was just a bit to loud for me, so off came the MXP front pipe and on went the OEM front pipe. Perfect. Its exactly what i was looking for. Deep, drone free sound. Don’t get me wrong its still loud, and when I’m in the car i can always tell i have an exhaust, but there isn’t any raised voices to have a conversation like with the Greddy.

Then the fun came, A Kraftewerks C38 supercharger. The exhaust note now is a bit louder during a W.O.T. pull or run, but its still not too bad. Overall i loved the time i have had with the Dezod, and still at this time its on my car. I don’t think i am going to get rid of it anytime soon. Quite a few people have commented on the sound, Shawn Church commented that its one of the best sounds he has heard from the twins. Quality has been top notch. not issues have arisen in the 4-5 months we have had the exhaust running on the cars. The piping has held up to the extra heat of the supercharger, trackdays, and a Autox, no corrosion or rust anywhere, no cracking on the welds or pipe, so for quality as of now its been great. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) we don’t get to test in harsh winter climates. But from what I’ve seen from Dezod, and it being 304 SS, I don’t think that will be a problem either.

FRS Exhaust Tips


To sum things up this has passed our testing and we really like The way it holds up , sounds and Performs. We put it up there with the best of the best Cat backs for the FRS – You can not go wrong with this system.


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Skunk2 FRS/BRZ Coilovers

Skunk 2 Frs coil overs

Skunk2 PRO Coilovers – Review and Thoughts

We got a set of these in the other day, after pulling them out of the box i was impressed with them. I decided to write up a blog on my impressions. First I’m a big, very big supporter of RSR Sport-i coil overs. After riding in cars like Robispec’s KW equipped FRS and Counterspace Garage’s TIEN equipped BRZ I was torn between what setup i wanted. I also knew i was not going to push my car no where close to what they do.

My car is my DD with occasional track days.  One day out at Streets of Willow, i met up with Moto and took a ride in his FRS with the RSR Sport-i and was really blown away. One by Moto’s driving, and two by how his car felt. So smooth, controlled, and planted. Anyone that has been to SoW or knows about the track knows its bumpy… Very bumpy..  And yet in Moto’s car it felt really good, Moto suggested i take some laps in the RSR car that was there that day. I dont know who the driver was, but i went from the smooth controlled ride of Moto to the sliding crazy fast drifting style of this driver, running sport-i also. I knew right then this was the setup i wanted. To that day its what i have always recommended. I ended up with a set and have been happy every since.

Ive drove/rode in cars with, TEIN, KW V3 and V1, Fortune Auto, BC, Buddy Club, Stance, Megan, Standard suspension, Mann engineering springs and Koni shocks, and drop springs of different brands and some im probably forgetting. And the RSR was always the ones id recommend for a DD with occasional track. I believed, like a lot of others, that if I’m not tracking why spend money on a expensive setup. Mike Kang at CSG explained to me about suspension, and why a more costly setup will ride better then a cheap set of coil overs every day  of the week.

We installed these and i was impressed, right around the shop is a couple of bumpy roads. A stock car is just slightly on the rough bouncy side of things, my RSR Sport-i’s are a little rough but controlled and in no way bouncy. Cheap stuff, BC, Stance and the such is very very rough, almost like something is going to break if you hit these bumps at anything other then a crawl. The Skunk2’s.. Well, they seemed just as controlled as my RSR’s but just a little less harsh, maybe a touch rougher then OEM, but way more controlled. After that short test that i do will all suspension i install, we went to a big open parking lot. Some drifts later, we adjusted the front a couple clicks softer and the back end slide easier, under hard cornering at say like Autox the front held on really well and taking 2 clicks out of the back the car just felt really balanced. the back would still slide out but it was more of a wanting to get it to slide. After we saw casino security start rolling our way 15 minutes later or so we took a ride around the highway and regular daily roads we both traveled and again I was impressed. It felt to me that i could honestly feel good about recommending a coil over cheaper then the RSR’s I push people that dont track regularly.

Now before i get hate mail, i don’t think i could honestly say these are up to par of some of the more track orientated setups. I really need to try them on a track before i could say yes or no. but i dont see them as being issue, meaning i dont think these would hold your lap times down. i know that the stock suspension is above most drivers ability. If your not with in a second or so of a pro-drivers lap time in stock car form, then your lack of speed around that track is not limited by tires or suspension. If track isnt your thing, then this suspension for the dollar is the best out there that ive ridden on. Remember stiff and bouncy does not mean race car..

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Skunk 2 FRS Coilovers



New LED Fog lights

LED FRS Lights - With Halo Ring


We have some new fog lights in the shop. We hunted these down as I love my set. I’ve been running these in the standard white, then painted them yellow. These are not typical fog lights that most use today, mainly for looks. These are real functional fog lights. A very wide band of light. These are designed to light up the edges of the road through dense fog. They look great, and perform great. A pure white light, From 3 high powered Osram LED chips projecting through a really cool looking lens. This is high quality lighting, not the typical foglight with a HID kit to give the white light then produce glare for oncoming traffic. This is my personal favorite, I will actually own 2 sets of these, clear and my yellow painted ones. Yes I like them both that much!

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And on to the next cool new Fog Light



Then we have this little beauty. A functional Fog light, that does have a bit of a driving light feature also, plus a halo that is more then bright enough to be a functional DRL during the day. A pure white light also. This is a favorite of a lot of the Vegas86 club members, we have a few of these running around as text units and after zero failures ready to bring it to our customers



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We will be bring a very special deal on just the fog lights and a full kit very shortly – Check the forums for the special.