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Helix V2 Side Markers

We just got in the new Helix Version 2 Sidemarkers for the 86/FRS/BRZ Platform. These will fit all models of the car from when the car was release until current models.  These are a Smoke Side Marker with a built in LED that has a really nice effect, but we will let you decide. We installed a set of these on our Shop 2017 BRZ.

Watch the Video below for tips and trick on the install, The socket has to be pushed down in the bumper well area.

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Helix side markers 2018-06-06 15.32.35 2018-06-06 15.34.33 2018-06-06 15.34.50 2018-06-06 15.35.04 2018-06-06 15.35.45 2018-06-06 15.36.22



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86 Speed


Individual throttle bodies, and more boost for 2018.

ITB side shot

Sema 2017 recently rolled through our home town of Las Vegas. Bringing together the industries leading manufactures displaying innovating new products. Our Team got a first hand look at what is in store for the 86 platform. Leading the charge is Greddy Peformance.

Greddy has conducted extensive R & D to find new ways to improve the performance of the FA 20. One example are these individual throttle bodies.

ITB side shot

The individual throttle bodies have shown dyno proven gains on both N/A, and boosted applications. The individual throttle bodies are synchronized to one another to ensure optimal air flow. Ken Gushi has been conducting real world testing with his daily driven, Greddy turbo charged 86 for the duration of the R & D process. Release is slated for 2018, we will have these available for purchase as soon as Greddy launches them.

Check out more images here on the ITB

For those seeking a new turbo option that can accommodate stock internals, greddy has the  answer in their Tuner turbo kit GTX 2871R. At first look, we noticed the manifold piping has changed from its predecessor, also the turbo size. This is a top mount turbo set up, suitable for fully built motors, and stock internal motors. Currently this kit is Installed on Noel Barnum’s Varis FRS, which was displayed in the spyder auto booth at SEMA 2017. Release date is slated for 2018, this kit will be available on our website at launch.

Greddy V3 Kit info

new greddy turbo kit full


Greddy has also fired back at the increasing number of titanium cat back options with their new RS Ti. No extensive information yet, but these cat back exhaust are slated to be released in 2018 as well.

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For those of you looking for a steering wheel replacement with style. Greddy has released an auto graphed series signed by Formula D driver Kenshiro (Ken) Gushi. These steering wheels are as stylish as they are functional. Currently live on our site, and ready to ship to your door.

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Another company that caught our eye is Voodoo13. The parent Company (Autoline) is an Arizona based company Specializing in aftermarket performance suspension solutions for multiple platforms (K-Sport). All Voodoo13 products are made in the USA to MIL-SPEC standards to ensure the highest quality.


1 example are these LCA for the 86 twins, they also offer trailing arms, end links, and a few other suspension components to ensure you have the best handling possible. These are also available in 3 color options

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voodoo13 arm



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New Silver Stitched Toyota Armrest for 86/BRZ

We would like to announce two new armrest options for the 2017 Toyota 86, and the Subaru BRZ equipped with gun metal gray stitching. Upon unboxing, both feel well made with very consistent stitching. Materials have a high quality luxury feel. The sliding version moves easily with slight pressure, which gives access to the cup holder. Installation maybe a little daunting at first for those concerned with drilling in to the existing console. Both have a considerable amount of padding to ensure maximum comfort. Placement allows both passenger, and driver access to the arm rest.

Silver Stitched Slide Style

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Flip up Style


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