Fteightysix -New Hood Struts and Blue Convex Mirror kit

Hello fellow 86’ers 

Today we bring you two new additions to our store.  Both of these mods for your 86 are pretty cool –  Look for both on fteightysix.com


1st we have the “Blue 86 Convex Mirror Kit” 

photo 2 Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2

Watch the Video here >>

New release #2 is the Ever popular hood struts for your FT86 

These are just cool. But not only are they cool, They can save your windshield and hood from the harsh wind blowing your hood away-

The Bullet points 

  • 15 Minute install
  • Balanced Shocks 
  • Remove that ugly hood prop
  • Allows hood to open more 
  • Half prop option (great for car shows)
  • Keeps hood from flapping back to hit windshield

Screenshot at May 15 23-40-43

Watch more info here


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