Introducing the 2017 Subaru BRZ!




We have been following the change of the BRZ/FRS

for a while now. Seeing whats going to be the next

big update. Now its officially out but are the updates

enough to make you want to get this new BRZ? We

all knew turbo STI Version of the BRZ would be a long

shot but we think these minor changes really puts the

BRZ ahead of its competitors. The first thing we see are

those big beautiful red Brembo brakes. Seems a bit

much for a car with only 205hp but as we have seen

in previous years, most people get aftermarket power

adders which will make it nice to have these brakes

from the get go.

Now the Front end change are subtle but we believe

looks more aggressive. Maybe a bit too aggressive

from the rest of the car but none the less We like it a lot!

Enjoy the info below provided by Subaru’s website.

Coming in September 2016!

Performance Features

New Styling and Leading Edge Technology

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