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Tired of Stripped or Broken wheel studs?

ARP extended wheel studs

Are you tired of broken, or stripped wheel studs? That moment you realize you only have four and half holding your new wheel on. That gut wrenching feeling that more will be breaking at any time. Aftermarket wheel studs are one of the most over looked modifications. Over time your current wheel studs will be subjected to repeated torque cycles, laterally forces from cornering, thousands of heat cycles, and the possibility of improper torque. Most aftermarket studs will exceed the tensile strength of the factory 10 fold. Experts in the aftermarket fastener industry are ARP. They produce a 8740 chromoly steel, cadmium plated, tensile strength of 200,000 psi replacement, to ensure your safety during harsh laterally driving situations. Also ARP wheel studs have a “bullet” end to ensure you do not cross thread your lug nuts. Found here This is experienced in hard cornering, and launches. Also it is advised with wider wheel widths, to replace your factory wheel studs due to the increased stress they will cause. Keep in mind factory wheel studs are designed with the intention or using factory wheel sizes, tire sizes, and offsets. Like most performance modifications, supporting modifications are recommended to ensure safety. That way you can drive with confidence ripping through the canyons on those weekend cruises, or just whipping around some corners on your daily drive. For those more track focused, there is now a 1.5 thread option instead of the standard 1.25. So what does that mean.. well it means the threads are further apart and not as fine. Giving you more bite for when you torque down you lugs. Learn more 

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Shop Extended 1.25 ARP Studs (Normal FR-S/BRZ/86 Thread Pitch)

Shop 1.5 Thread Pitch (Not Standard , Will require new 1.5 Lugs)

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ARP extended wheel studs

ARP extended wheel stud

New Silver Stitched Toyota Armrest for 86/BRZ

We would like to announce two new armrest options for the 2017 Toyota 86, and the Subaru BRZ equipped with gun metal gray stitching. Upon unboxing, both feel well made with very consistent stitching. Materials have a high quality luxury feel. The sliding version moves easily with slight pressure, which gives access to the cup holder. Installation maybe a little daunting at first for those concerned with drilling in to the existing console. Both have a considerable amount of padding to ensure maximum comfort. Placement allows both passenger, and driver access to the arm rest.

Silver Stitched Slide Style

Purchase here



Flip up Style


Purchase flip up style here


It’s a Miracle— Subaru Is Building a BRZ STI


It’s a Miracle— Subaru Is Building a BRZ STI


Subaru STI performance concept image

Rejoice, friends and enthusiasts everywhere. Subaru, in a plan to expand its STI range stateside, is finally building the BRZ STI sports car that everyone and their mother has been begging for.

“The United States is at the highest priority for STI,” STI President Yoshio Hirakawa toldAutomotive News. “We’d like to create a car that drivers can control like their own legs so they can push the car to the limit.”

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Subaru STI performance concept rear photo

That’s definitely good, exciting news— but there is a little bit of bad news to go along with it. According to Hirakawa, we won’t see a BRZ STI for “a couple years.” That gives all you 20-somethings enough time to fill up your piggy banks.

The BRZ STI will take a number of cues from the STI Concept we saw in New York, though, we won’t know any details for another few years. Still, BRZ STI! It’s really happening!

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