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New JDM Style LEDS’s – Switchbacks, Reverse lights, Diamondbacks, Deep JDM ORANGE & More

We are offering the 86 Community some different options that were not available until now. We have 4 different types of Switchbacks available and they all offer something a little different. For you BRZ owners check out our DEEP Orange Front Turn Signal. We have been working and testing alot of new options for the LED market for your FRS.

Here are a few of the new things that we have been working on.

BRZ Deep Amber Turn Signals

fts-deep orange

The newest addition is our “DiamondBack” switchback

Diamondback Switchbacks












These are the Same price as our other switchbacks but we feel the white light is slightly brighter and crisp – This is done from using larger LEDS – This is equal to or if not just a little brighter than our standard 60SMD Switchback.

The Diamondbacks switch Amber-Off -Amber-Off when the Blinker is on at night and then go back to White at night.

We also have our Type AW switch backs that switch Amber-White-Amber-White at night and then switch back to constant white when the parking lights are on.

Watch this –



We did a soft release on our “Stage 10″ Stupid Sick Dome light and it sold very well. This is our own design and made just for the FRS/GT86/BRZ dome light. We are manufacturing more to be available at the end of June. If you want the brightest Dome light possible, this is the one for you.

Clear photo


And Next up is … SUPER B.A.D

We dont know what to call this one yet – It is not the “Stage 10″ But it is still silly bright.

We will call this one our Adjustable Stage 3 Super Bright Dome Light or “SuperBAD86″ Super Bright Adjustable Dome-light or ¬†Super Bright A** Dome-Light


















With this little Screw you can adjust the brightness













Dont forget to add Our “Diamond” Dome Light cover

FRS Dome Light Cover