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Tested and Proven to make HP – GRAMS Throttle Body

Grams Throttle Body Review

After a long, eventful, and fun week at SEMA, the 86Speed Dyno Day had finally arrived. The top story–Grams Performance Drive-By Wire Throttle Body! A lot of you have been anxious and patiently waiting for us to answer your questions…We are pleased to announce the proven results and our personal opinions


Alvin's FRS on the Dyno

Alvin’s FRS on the Dyno

  • Did it really make more power?
  • What are the benefits of adding a larger throttle body to a boosted kit?
  • What about the Naturally Aspirated (N/A)?
  • Is it worth the cost?

All questions will be answered, let your hair down and enjoy the read—

This is Part 1 of the 86SPEED Dyno Day Results

dyno-chartsBefore we start lets get things straight…we tested on a Mustang Dyno or what some may know as “The Heartbreak Dyno.” According to our tuner this was one of the lowest reading Dyno’s he has ever tuned on. Its a good and a bad thing. Good because you’re more than likely making more and bad because that number probably wasn’t something you wanted to hear. Keep this in mind when reading.

 Alvin’s 2013 Automatic Scion FR-S

Getting ready to test & tune

Getting ready to test & tune


Mods: Kraftwerks c30 Supercharger Kit, High Boost Pulley, 750cc injectors, Stock Fuel Pump, MXP Unequal Length Header, MXP over pipe, Motiv Concepts High Flow Cat (HFC) front pipe, MXP-SP catback exhaust, EcuTek Tune by Mike @moto-east w/Flex Fuel Kit.Tested on E72 –

*Special Note*
We did 3 pulls. One without the Grams throttle body, One with the Grams throttle body, and one tuned with the Grams throttle body

1st & 2nd Pull Results (with and without Grams Throttle Body)

Throttle Body installed no tune

Throttle Body installed no tune

(click picture)As you can see, the car came out to be at 303HP WFC. Pushing about 238ft-lbs of torque at 6400 RPM’s. Impressive for the smaller c30 blower that Kraftwerks offers. After installing the Grams throttle body, the car gained 4 HP at 6500 RPMs and an impressive 8 more ft-lb’s of torque at around 6400 RPM’s.

3rd Pull Results (TUNED w/ Grams Throttle Body)

After Tune

After Tune

(click above picture) Now lets see what happens when we tune it!. As a result, the car made 314-315 HP at 6700 RPMs and 248ft-lb’s of torque (WFC). This is an impressive 11-12 HP gain  and 10ft-lb torque gain compared to the stock throttle body


Shortly after it came off the dyno, I took it for a joy ride!


My thoughts:

AccelerationRight away, peeling out of that lot, I knew and felt like something was different. 10lbs or torque is 10lbs of torque and its something you will definitely feel.

Responsiveness– Granted I do drive an automatic transmission, I shift in sport mode almost exclusively. Down shifting or up shifting, the car just responded better overall and didn’t want to pause to take a breath in between shifts!

Power– Yep its there and I can feel it. Down low I feel the Tq and it pulls harder up top.

Final thoughts:

screenshot_171At $398 for the Grams 72mm Drive By Wire Throttle Body, the dollar amount per gain in HP and Torque is definitely worth the cost! Some people pay more for less power, actually. With the extra kick and extra speed, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth! We have confirmed with Grams/Skunk2 that you do NOT need a tune to run this throttle body, however, it is recommended to get the most out of the throttle body and bring out its full potential. We’re talking 48% more airflow that your car might not know what to do with!

We also feel that this will also yield better results when pairing this with the 2017 aluminum manifold.

10/10 will recommend this to a friend!
Special Thanks to Everyone involved

Keep an eye on our blog for a review of the Grams Throttle Body Naturally aspirated install & results!

Stay Tuned

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