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Fteightysix -New Hood Struts and Blue Convex Mirror kit

Hello fellow 86’ers 

Today we bring you two new additions to our store.  Both of these mods for your 86 are pretty cool –  Look for both on fteightysix.com


1st we have the “Blue 86 Convex Mirror Kit” 

photo 2 Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2

Watch the Video here >>

New release #2 is the Ever popular hood struts for your FT86 

These are just cool. But not only are they cool, They can save your windshield and hood from the harsh wind blowing your hood away-

The Bullet points 

  • 15 Minute install
  • Balanced Shocks 
  • Remove that ugly hood prop
  • Allows hood to open more 
  • Half prop option (great for car shows)
  • Keeps hood from flapping back to hit windshield

Screenshot at May 15 23-40-43

Watch more info here


NIA Splitter kit for Scion FR-S / Subaru BR-Z

Side skirt front lip Diffusers frs
 The all new Scion FR-S / Subaru BR-Z  NIA Splitter kit! Perfect if you Don’t want to mess with the factory design but want to give it an aggressive look. The best part is that it is available color matched ready to install!
  The front is a 3 pc front splitter, easily Bolts right on the bottom of your bumper. The center of is made out of real carbon fiber and comes with 2 coats of clear coat to keep the gloss for years to come. The corner aprons and the side diffusers  are made from hand laid fiberglass in our factory. We use fiberglass mats to produce our products, Making them strong, and durable to with-stand the common pot holes curve rash, and occasional parking blocks with out breaking.
Rauls brz splitter kit
The NIA eyelids gives your FR-S/ BRZ an aggressive look while protecting your headlights from the sun. Made from High heat resistant plastic. Made to with-stand the heat from the sun and your HID’S, with out warping or melting. These eyelids come with real 3M double side tape attached, easy to peel and installed. Painted with base coat / clear coat just like your oem paint.
Check out Fteightysix to order NIA Autodesign
lg1 Side skirt front lip Diffusers frs

Helix “Semi Smoke” Lights – New for FRS /BRZ/GT86

Helix Semi Smoke FRS Side bumper lights


Helix Just released a new product offering for the FT86 platform. Call them Semi smoke or light smoke. There are just in the middle of the Smoke Side markers and the Crystal Clear .

….Cant Choose between the Smoke or Clear Corner Marker for your FRS or BRZ, This might be the Choice for you. :)


The new Semi Smoke looks pretty good on Whiteout. We will add more photos later.


For more info and current pricing Visit fteightysix

Helix Semi Smoke FRS/BRZ Side bumper lights

Helix Semi Smoke FRS/BRZ Side bumper lights


Vehicle Chassis FRS / BRZ
Vehicle Years 2013+
Vehicle Make Toyota, Subaru
Vehicle Model FRS / BRZ
Light Location Front Side Reflectors
Lens Color Light Smoke Tint
Lens Material Plastic
Bulb No
City Light N/A
Bulbs Included No
Connector Reuse Stock
Sold As Pair (Left & Right)

Helix Semi Smoke FRS Side bumper lights

Helix Semi Smoke FRS Side bumper lights




Helix Lights – Smoke Semi Smoke and Crystal Clear