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This just in – New Spyder Taillights for FRS and BRZ

We just got word that Spyder has released a new LED taillight design for the Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ.

There are 5 variations of this taillight .

One thing that is pretty cool about this is that Spyder has a lower reverse bar/ brake light coming out soon also and these lights are wired so that the 4th brake light can be wired as a plug and play.

The pricing is very favorable on these with a full list price at $420.00 – We will offer intro pricing on these at ft86club.com or message us through our store.


Store URL to purchase  – Look for the Coupons on the Forum








Buddy Club Press Release – New FR-S/BRZ JDM SPEC Taillights


Just announced Buddy Club JDM Spec taillights now available at fteightysix

These lights are now available in the US – These are the limited edition and only select sets will be available. The only main difference is the Amber turn signals instead of the Red. The Retail price on these lights will be the same as the US Spec. Get in touch with us to get on a list to get a set.

These full LED tail lights bundle the latest style and technology all in one affordable and attractive package. U.S. DOT compliant, the Buddy Club LED Tail Lights feature a sequential blinker pattern that cascades from inside to out when using your turn indicator or hazard signals. With an effortless flick of a switch located on the backside of the tail light, the sequential feature can be turned off for a solid illuminated indicator. The U.S. version will feature a clear lens with all red LED design where as Asian and European markets will feature a clear lens with red running lights and amber blinkers.

Key features of the Buddy Club Tail Lamps:
• Buddy Club enlisted the help of a top lighting manufacturer to develop these unique full replacement tail lamps
• Buddy Club tail lamps are built to the strictest requirements ensuring a high quality lamp that meets OE standards.
• Buddy Club wanted to improve the appearance as well as the lighting output when designing these lamps. These are very bright and highly visible.
• Buddy Club tail lamps are SAE & DOT approved.


Buddy Club - JDM SPEC FRS Lights

Buddy Club – JDM SPEC FRS Lights

For more info check out the product on our site (JDM FRS Taillights on fteightysix)

Winjet FRS/BRZ/GT86 Taillights Now Available

The New Winjet Taillights are now available for your Subaru BRZ & Toyota GT86 and the US Scion FRS. These lights come in 5 different lens/inside color Combos. WinJet Manufactures all of there own product in their own over seas factories. These lights do not require a hyper flash relay (they Built it into the unit to keep the flash normal). This allows them to keep cost down and quality up. Winjet has been around for over 10 years focusing on fog lights. For more info on Winjet check them out > Winjet

Shop Winjet on Fteightysix


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Inside Color/Lens Colors